Travel Buddy Woes? Here's How to Decide Who to Pick for Your Trip

There are so many things to love about travel but one of the best would have to be sharing great memories with the people you love. You can't deny the fact, however, that travelling with the wrong people can mean disaster.

So, if you're planning to hit the road soon but haven't decided who to pick for your trip, here are the types of travellers you would want to be in your group:

The Master Planner

Spontaneity can be fun in travel but you have to admit, your trip becomes more enjoyable when it's planned well. Now, if you're the type who finds it hard to organise, you'll need someone who's good at it. The master planner can book a 4WD drive tour in Kimberley, find the best hotel and plan your daily itinerary so you don't need to worry about anything anymore. How's that for convenience?

The Money Maven

Let's face it; you can't fully enjoy your trip if you're constantly worried about finances. Budgeting is an important part of travelling but it can be quite tedious too. This is when it pays to travel with someone who knows how to manage money like his life depends on it. Aside from making the most out of your budget, your money maven friend could also teach you valuable lessons on how travelling can be enjoyable but not pricey.

The Navigator

Some people would tell you that it's lovely to get lost in cobblestone streets and secret passageways but in reality, it's not. When you're in an unfamiliar place not knowing where to go, panic will easily set in, not to mention the time you'll lose trying to find your way. But why would you have to go through this fate when you can travel with someone who knows how to navigate well? This person loves reading maps, using sat-navs and what not so you can just enjoy your 4WD drive tour in Kimberley and not worry about getting lost again.

There is, of course, the chill pill—that one person who really knows how to relax. Travelling can sometimes be more exhausting than relaxing but having someone who can easily find a yacht to charter so you can bask in the beautiful ocean for a day is definitely a huge plus. We all need that one chill friend in our lives, after all, don't we?