How to Make the Most of Your Sailing Holiday

Are you one of those people who love the water so much that you want to take a dip at every opportunity you get, including soaking in spas offered by Sapphire Spas? No doubt, you’d love to charter a boat and go sailing too.

If you have a sailing holiday planned in the coming weeks, there are certain preparations you need to make the most of it.

Alone or with a crew?

Whether you’re sailing alone or with company, the decision to skipper your own boat should not be taken lightly. Even if you have the skills to man either a monohull or catamaran, you should check them against the conditions of your intended destinations. As you may already know, the water doesn’t always stay calm, and Mother Nature can have an unusual sense of humour at some point during your voyage. So, think long and hard about being your own captain. For your safety and convenience, arrange for sailing vacations with a reputable provider.

Where do you want to go?

Whether you opt for a crewed charter or sail on your own, you should know where you want to go. Although you don’t need to plot every course you want to take for the day, you should have a list of places that you want to visit. The advantage of chartering your course is that you’ll know how long or short it will take you from one destination to another. Regardless if you plan thoroughly or wing it, make it a point to accept suggestions from local experts, as they know the destination like the back of their hand. Or if not, take the advice of your charter company and use the itinerary they’ve made for you.

Here are some great ideas on where to go and what to do while holidaying:

How’s the weather out there?

Before you set sail, you must check the local weather. Listen to forecasts in local radio or TV. If winds suddenly turn from calm to rough, and clouds suddenly darken, you should consult with your boat crew. Sudden changes in the condition don’t necessarily mean you need to cancel your sailing trip, but safety should always be a priority.

Is the sun expected to be scorching hot during your journey? Perhaps you can rent a tent (เช่าเต็นท์) in advance to provide shade while on the sea.

Got everything ready and aboard?

Once you’re in the middle of the ocean, you can’t go back to get something you’ve forgotten. This is why you must have a pre-departure checklist to ensure that everything you need, most especially equipment essential for safe sailing, are all packed and taken aboard the boat.

Got your life jacket on?

It’s not enough that the yacht has personal flotation devices aboard. You and your crew must use them too, particularly the life jackets. A lot of sailing fatalities will be avoided if you wear one. You should also know how to use it, in case anything happens. For added knowledge, understand how life jackets work. The safety equipment may seem straightforward enough, but knowing more about it can save your life and those of your crew.

Although a sailing holiday is all about having fun, you should limit your alcohol intake. This is especially vital if you skipper the boat yourself. You must stay aware and cognizant at all times during the trip, which won’t be the case if you indulge too much.

Also, ensure that you and everyone else make the most of the trip, and before the day ends, regardless of where you go on your holiday, make sure that you have booked a cosy accommodation from one of the hotels in Stanthorpe or Zenith hotels in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. You can also stay at the beautiful Grand Swiss Hotel near Terminal 21. If you or a friend tends to snore, have Salts of the Earth snoring treatment ready, so everyone will enjoy a good night’s rest and be ready for another leg of the journey. You might also want to visit if you're looking for more ideas on what you can do aside from sailing.