Go Boating and Explore the Cyclades

Greece is one of the top tourism countries in the world, offering various natural and historical sites that beckon travellers from all over the globe. One of its main highlights is the Cyclades group of islands.

Here are just some of its famous attractions:


    You can explore the entire west coast area where you can see magnificent views of temples, including the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Terrace of the Lions. You can also make port and go trekking up Mt. Kythnos where you can get a superb view of the entire island.

    Little Venice

    As the name suggests, this is a miniaturised model of Venezia lining the coast of Mykonos with its charming buildings partly submerged and colourful boutiques with enticing merchandise. Apart from the narrow maze-like streets, it also features a splendid front-view of the ocean.

    Kamari Beach

    Featuring a massive arching coast, this site is the resort central of Santorini. Along with swimming, you can also enjoy other activities like diving and snorkelling.

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