Safety Precautions to Remember When Sailing

Exploring the Mediterranean Seas aboard a chartered yacht is one of the fascinating ways to spend your holiday. Aside from swimming and diving, you can also go fishing if you so desire. But for your trip to be fun and safe, you need to keep the following precautions in mind:

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  • Always check the weather forecast before you set sail.

  • Make sure that the vessel is fully operational and in good condition.

  • See to it that there are personal flotation devices aboard, as well as a host of other safety equipment.

  • Bring enough provisions that will last for the entire journey.

  • When travelling without a crew, you should familiarise the rules of the sea to avoid collisions.

  • Remember to give way if you are on the port track.

    For guaranteed safety, rent a yacht from a reputable charter company, like Paralos Yachting. With the promise of quality boats and personalised service, you are assured that your sailing holiday will be safe and exciting.

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