Sailing the Seas or Exploring the Open Road: Which Is a Better Travel Idea?

Sea or open road? Yacht or motorhome? Dolphins or deer? If it is hard to choose, stay at sukhumvit hotel for a resort experience.

Which of these options interest you the most?

Either way, you get to gaze at the blue skies, soak up the sun and feel the wind on your face. Plus, you can explore and check out sights at your own pace. But if you prefer to go on a sailing holiday, head to Greece where you can…

… visit different astonishing islands

Charming anchorage and fishing harbours, idyllic coastal towns, rich culture and friendly locals – these are waiting for you. It’s the perfect destination if you want to sail the seas and discover beautiful islands conveniently located within close proximity to each other, making sailing easy.

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… engage in other fun activities

Of course, you won’t have to set sail throughout the day. There are plenty of things to do in Greece. Escape the crowd and explore hidden coves or unspoilt bays. Take a dip in turquoise waters and then have a picnic on the yacht or in a quiet bay. Once you’ve had a fill of tropical beauty, moor up for the night and head to shops and tavernas at a quayside. Or, if you’re on a romantic holiday, drop anchor at a beautiful spot and have dinner under a starry sky.

Now, if you fancy a trip to open highways leading to scenic views, here are two lovely options:

1.) Experience the breathtaking vastness of UK roads and landscapes such as…

… the Evo Triangle

Found in Denbigh Moors, North Wales, its name is derived from the form of the A5, A543 and B4501 as well as the fact that it’s a known car testing area for EVO magazine.

What’s great about this route is the amazing road condition and scenery. As a tip, it’ll be more fun if you go with friends rather than children. Your youngsters might not have as much fun seeing a long road ahead compared to going to theme parks.

… Dartmoor

If you’re looking for the most majestic views in the UK, head to Dartmoor. You’ll see rock formations, vast landscapes and camping grounds. Plus, it’s not too far from beaches. And if you want to satisfy that craving for cold lager, there are pubs everywhere.

Now, these are just two of the country’s beautiful destinations. If you want to discover more, make sure that you’re fully prepared. By that, don’t just pack your bag and bring food – have your car checked as well. And keep the contact details of Prime Locksmiths Brisbane car locksmiths just in case you get locked out of your vehicle. Or you just might want to book the Hummer limo hire in Melbourne by Dream Ride to have a hassle-free transport.

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2.) The rugged beauty and long mile stretch of New Zealand’s landscapes, such as…

… North Island

It’s home to beautiful gardens, Tirau (an antique town), Napier (an Art Deco city), and hot pools in Rotorua. And so much more.

The 460-mile stretch will bring you to diverse regions, including rainforests, rolling hills and volcanic fields. The sheer magnificence of this place won’t make you wonder why it serves as the Middle-Earth location of the Lord of the Rings.

… South Island

Like the North Island, it also boasts of natural beauty and diverse features. Drive through vast countryside with snow-topped peaks and winding rivers as backdrop. Be mesmerised by sunsets in beaches and lakes. When you feel like having a stopover, explore forests and birdlife. Check out ancient rock formations as well and wonder how they’re made in the first place.

No matter where you go in New Zealand, there’s always something beautiful and amazing waiting for discovery. But before you begin planning specific routes, prepare your vehicle. And here’s a great option: a rental from Wilderness Motorhomes. Have a look at their offers and read their tips on choosing the right motorhome rental, so you’ll know which fits your needs. Now if you want to explore New Zealand on two wheels, it's high time that you check out the Kawasaki motorcycles at Wheels.

There you have it, a few insights about a sailing holiday and road trip. Which suits your preferences? You want to know what we think? Go on both and enjoy different scenery and experiences each time you travel. Check out these resources for more travel-related ideas: