Ideas about how to travel when on holiday

Going on holiday is all about getting to see somewhere new and exciting, which is why it is important to make sure you really get the opportunity to get out and about during your trip. Whether you go to Australia and you want to go on a road trip or you head to sunny Greece where you want to rent a yacht, there are lots of different things that you can do to ensure that you get to see as much of a new place as possible. For example, you can organise car hire in the Melbourne northern suburbs and drive yourself around Melbourne and the outer laying areas to explore this part of Australia on your own, without having to be part of a guided tour trip.

You can also do something fun on the water and rent a yacht for the day, when you go somewhere hot and sunny like Greece. How you choose to get out and about to explore is up to you and here are some of the areas that are great to discover on a boat in Greece:

  • Cyclades
  • Argolic Golf
  • Saronic
  • Eastern Peloponese

Lots of the most popular sailing trips in Greece will start from Lavrion, Alimos or Athens and you don’t have to worry about sailing the boat yourself, as they will come fully staffed with a captain, waiting staff and technicians.

If you would rather keep your feet safely on dry land, then you might prefer the idea of renting a car and driving yourself around. Australia is a great place to do this, as it is home to big, open road systems that offer a multitude of views and landscapes. You can easily book car hire in the Melbourne northern suburbs and take you and your family on a road trip. Here are some of the benefits to renting a car in Melbourne to drive yourself around:

  • You can do things on your own timetable
  • You are free to go wherever you want
  • You can explore the local area or go farther afield
  • You don’t need to worry about the pressures of being part of a group

Many people enjoy hiring a car when they go on holiday but if you like spending time on the sea, then renting a boat might be a more exciting prospect.

Greece is a wonderful country to explore and seeing it from a unique perspective from the water can make your holiday even more special. You will need to ensure that you have insurance for your time on board the boat and you will also need to enquire about the following:

  • Fuel costs
  • Marina fees
  • End of trip cleaning costs

Exploring somewhere beautiful like Greece from a yacht is a great way to do something adventurous on your holiday. The same can be said about renting a car during a trip to Australia and being able to get out and about to explore a holiday destination is the best way to ensure you will thoroughly enjoy your trip.