In the Mountains and On the Sea – Exciting Holidays

Whatever you want from your next holiday abroad you’ll find arranging it to be a walk in the park when you know what you’re doing.

From the Mediterranean and its culture soaked shores to the mountains of New Zealand, the aptly named ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, there are no shortage of exciting destinations to add to your bucket list and tick off accordingly.

And whether you’re interested in arranging a cheap campervan rental and doing the driving yourself, or would like nothing more than to relax on the deck of a yacht as someone takes care of the journey for you, the list of options that you have to mull over and consider is nothing shy of amazing.

The Mediterranean

Perhaps the most famous of all the world’s seas, the Mediterranean is the most idyllic and culture packed of all the seas in Europe, and indeed the world. Greece has long been a popular country to enjoy sailing trips on the Med, and with the state of its economy at the moment, holidaying here is more affordable than it’s ever been.

New Zealand

With iconic landscapes made famous by the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand has shot to the forefront of the world’s attention in a big way over the past decade, and now that flights to this distant and far off land are no longer so expensive, there is little wonder why so many holidaymakers are heading to NZ, hiring a cheap motorhome rental, and travelling around this stunning land.

Something for everyone

Greece and New Zealand offer something for everyone, from amazing sailing trips on the Mediterranean to tramping adventures in the mountains of the South Island. If you’re looking for an exciting holiday destination that offers you the opportunity to experience something new, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in either of these two remarkable countries.

Making arrangements

As with all things in life, the best holidays are those that are arranged and planned well, but allow you ample flexibility so as to ‘go with the flow’ when the opportunity arises, and there is a very good chance that you will be afforded many opportunities to do just that.

Hiring a camper or a yacht is remarkably easy these days, and can usually be taken care of entirely online, though it is naturally important to do your homework and research beforehand so as to ensure that the agency you hire a camper or yacht from is the best option that you have available. And you have many options to consider when hiring a camper in New Zealand or a yacht, bareboat or skippered, in Greece.

If you’re looking for adventure on your next overseas holiday you’ll find no shortage of opportunities when you arrange a cheap campervan rental and travel around New Zealand, as you will should you make arrangements for a sailing adventure on the Mediterranean. As time is of the essence, why not start making plans today?